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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ Cleaning Service

What are your prices?

We cannot set the price for cleaning in advance – it depends on many factors, such as how much dust can one expect in the area, the amount of lime scale, number and sizes of rooms, frequency of cleaning etc.

Is it possible to have the price without moms?

No. We always send an invoice at the end of the given month with a 7 day due date by bank transfer. We deem it unethical to make untaxed money and therefore do not support any such activities.

Sometimes I need some extra work done, can you help with that?

We are of course happy to help you with extra jobs such as window cleaning, ironing, doing the laundry etc. The price for these services is usually the same as the standard cleaning price we’ve agreed on, we just add the extra time. Sometimes you may need extra cleaning in part of your premises (construction work, cleaning after a party, before/after an exhibition…) and we are happy to do this for you. The prices remain the same, we just add the extra time.

Will you remove lime scale in my kitchen and bathroom?

Removing lime scale is a standard part of our regular cleaning. We use professional cleaning solutions and our trained staff know which of them can be used for your surfaces to preclude any damage.

My schedule is sometimes liable to change, is it possible to arrange alternative times?

It is certainly not a problem to reschedule. We would appreciate to be told at least 1 day in advance.

What types of cleaning do you provide?

The first type is deep cleaning which usually takes two or three times longer than the standard cleaning – or more, depending on its extent (how large the windows are, how large and complicated the cupboards and wardrobes are on the inside etc.). We usually do this type of cleaning once or twice a year or as a one-off service. This extensive cleaning embraces the entire premises, and incorporates e.g. washing the windows, window frames and window ledges (if you wish so, we can also wash your curtains and drapes), cleaning radiators, cleaning all shelves and cupboards including on the inside (we clean under books, folders etc.), washing doors and door frames, picture frames and other accessories, lamps and chandeliers, cleaning or vacuuming the sofa (depending on the material) and under its cushions – if possible, also behind the sofa and other small furniture which can be moved. We clean all other available surfaces, take out garbage and change garbage bags, vacuum and mop the floors. In the kitchen, we also remove lime scale from taps, sinks etc., clean grime from the hob and surrounding surfaces, we clean the oven and fridge as well as all tiles and wainscoting. In the bathroom we also remove lime scale from taps and the shower cubicle and get rid of ingrained lime scale from the lavatory pan etc.

Another type is start-up cleaning, normally the very first cleaning in a new place. It is a preparatory phase when we clean the premises up to our standard and then maintain that level with regular standard cleaning. This type is similar to deep cleaning but isn’t as extensive (we only wash windows upon request, wardrobes and cupboards are washed on the outside only, washing is done only up to the height of 180 cm, oven and fridge are cleaned upon request). This cleaning usually takes up to twice as long as regular cleaning – or possibly more, depending on the specific circumstances.

Third type of cleaning is standard regular cleaning which encompasses tasks such as dusting, washing window ledges, radiators, all cupboards and shelves (on the outside only, washing only up to 180 cm), doors and door frames, picture frames and other accessories, vacuuming or washing the sofa (depending on its material) and its cushions – on top and underneath, all other available surfaces, vacuuming and washing floors. In the kitchen we rid faucets, sinks etc. of lime scale, we remove grime from the hob and surrounding surfaces and get rid of lime scale in the bathroom etc. (we wash windows upon agreement – my recommendation is every 2 – 3 months. Oven and fridge are also cleaned upon request – my recommendation is at least once a month).

Our fourth type is special services. These focus on individual segments of your premises and are usually provided on a one-off basis. This could be for instance only window cleaning – washing windows, window frames and ledges (washing curtains and drapes upon agreement); or we can only focus on the bathroom and aside from the standard dusting and washing, we thoroughly clear away any and all lime scale from the faucets and shower cubicle walls, remove ingrained lime scale from the lavatory pan etc. Other tasks also fall under special services – for instance domestic help (ironing, laundry, babysitting etc.), helping out in the company’s cafeteria – besides high quality cleaning which observes all relevant hygienic standards, we also help with replenishing food during breakfast / lunch / dinner time or with packing up food for the next shift. Naturally, we also take care of clearing away and washing used dishes.

Do you also clean venetian blinds?

Yes we do, upon agreement. The price of the cleaning doesn’t change, we simply add the extra time.

Do you wash curtains, too?

Curtains, as well as drapes, can be washed following an agreement. The price is set according to the amount and weight of the laundry.

Will you water my plants?

Sadly, we have no horticultural expertise and therefore stay away from similar tasks. However if you only have easy-care plants (cut flowers or pot plants) which simply need a change of water or regular watering, we will be happy to do so upon request. The price for cleaning remains unchanged, we simply add the extra time.

In deep cleaning, do you take books out of their shelves and dust under and behind them and dust the books too?

Yes, this is a standard part of this type of cleaning.

Can you also clean an outdoor terrace?

Our team of experts will clean the tiles using special equipment. The price for this service is set by our specialist based on the size and degree of staining of the terrace or other surfaces which require special machinery rather than simple mopping.

Do you also clean jewellery or antiques?

No, we do not specialize in this area.

Can you clear away scattered toys in the children’s room?

We are happy to tidy any clutter in your home upon prior agreement including scattered toys, clothes etc. We do not do so without prior request because we want to respect your privacy. The price of the cleaning is the same, we only add the extra time.

Do you also do one-off cleaning?

Yes, we do, this would usually be deep cleaning or start-up cleaning.

Do you also clean behind radiators?

Yes, this is a standard part of deep cleaning.

Do you also wash the inside windows?

Yes, upon prior agreement.

Do you clean carpets?

No, we do not specialize in this task.