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Cleaning services - Silvie

My name is Silvie Krausova and I come from Prague – Czech Republic. I’ve been in the cleaning industry since 1993, and in 2012, I’ve started a company here in Denmark. Most of our activities are centred in Copenhagen, but we also provide cleaning services in Hillerød or Køge. Our services are versatile – we provide cleaning services in villas and private flats, but also in institutions such as schools, kindergartens or offices or even factories or workshops.

Part of our cleaning services and something we assign high importance to is helping the elderly or ill people. There are senior or handicapped citizens among our clients whose health doesn’t permit them much physical activity and they need help with general cleaning – or perhaps just vacuum cleaning and washing the floors.

And for a bit more about me? As I’ve already mentioned, I first entered the cleaning business in 1993 when temping as a chambermaid during my studies. I enjoyed the work very much and the sight of a wonderfully clean and fresh room, ready and waiting for its next occupant, was something that made me happy. Following this realization, I spent every school holiday doing cleaning temp jobs. I enjoyed doing what I like – I am a type of person who really simply enjoys cleaning – and earning enough money for all the “necessities” that are part and parcel of a student’s life :-). Another reason I took interest in this line of work was the opportunity to arrange accessories, giving free reign to my obsession with detail. And although I followed a different line of work later, I still kept cleaning as an occasional side track. As time went by, I’ve been expanding my scope of activities, gaining experience from various kinds of cleaning and its specifics.

I’ve cleaned in a hotel, a hospital (maternity ward), new-built houses, flats, villas, department stores (driving around in a floor cleaning machine), a school, a kindergarten, a restaurant, offices (real estate offices, an agricultural company, a heating plant, architects’ offices, an engineering company, taxi service headquarters…), in a factory producing metal and plastic packaging (cleaning the entire back office and facilities – offices, changing rooms, lavatories and canteen where I also helped serving food), a production plant producing aluminium windows and many more.

Currently, I still actively clean because that is part of the on-the-job training provided to all our cleaning assistants. Our staff receive theoretical education (it is necessary to understand the professional equipment and detergents we are using and knowing what can be applied to which surfaces), but most importantly I train them to focus on details. It is the details which make the difference between a standard cleaning, and a very high standard cleaning.