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Business Cleaning

Business Cleaning Copenhagen

We are specialists offering high quality services for your offices, factory, school, kindergarten or business premises. We offer comprehensive cleaning services and always give our utmost to provide our customers with the very best, often beyond the expected cleaning duties. A happy customer is, after all, our best marketing strategy…

Apart from work well done, you may also expect a pleasant demeanour in all our staff, regular communication, reliability, precision and above all, honesty with great focus on details – since it is details what forms the overall picture.

All services are undertaken by reliable and discreet Copenhagen-based workers, and are provided at a time which is convenient for you and at a reasonable price. Our staff are experts with many years of experience in the field of cleaning who are always working on further improvement.

Speed of service is a matter of course, our services are here to give you freedom.

Our unrivalled prices are agreed upon inspection of the premises to be cleaned. We prepare individual offers not only for our regular customers – every client has their own specific needs and every space needs its own specific approach.

If you’re searching for a cleaning company in Copenhagen or its vicinity that would provide you with comprehensive cleaning services, a company which prides in the correctness and quality of its business relations rather than quick money, we believe you have just found it. Try out our cleaning services – we will be happy to welcome you as one of our satisfied customers. We will do our best to make sure you are happy with us.

When we start with regular cleaning at new premises, we always begin with a start-up service. It is a stage-setting phase where we clean the premises up to our standards and then regularly work to simply maintain them. This cleaning is similar to deep cleaning but is not as detailed (e.g. windows are washed upon request only, we clean just the outside of cupboards and wardrobes, we wash only up to a height of 180 cm, oven and fridge are cleaned only upon request rather than automatically). This stage usually takes approximately once or twice as long (or more depending on the situation) as the regular cleaning.

We help you with your cleaning before and after company celebrations or parties or other festive occasions.

We take care of deep cleaning before or after you move (before you sell your flat or return it to the landlord), after a reconstruction etc. Deep cleaning is usually done once or twice a year as part of a regular routine or as a one-off cleaning service.

Deep cleaning usually takes twice or thrice as long as standard cleaning – or even more depending on its extent (inner size of cupboards and wardrobes, size of windows etc.). It involves all aspects of the premises, such as cleaning the windows, window frames and window ledges (we also wash curtains and drapes upon request), cleaning the radiators, cleaning all cupboards, wardrobes and shelves including inside shelves (we clean under books, folders etc.), cleaning picture frames and other accessories, lamps and chandeliers, cleaning or vacuuming the sofa (depending on the material) and all its cushions (and underneath them), if possible also behind the sofa and other small movable furninture. Cleaning all other free surfaces, taking out carbage and putting in new garbage bags, vacuuming and washing floors. In the kitchen, deep cleaning includes removing lime scale from taps, sinks etc., cleaning the oven and fridge, washing tiles and wainscotting. Deep-cleaned bathroom has all lime scale removed from the taps and shower cubicle walls, as well as from the lavatory pan etc.

Our cleaning assistant will also help you with the running of your company‘s (or school‘s) kitchen or cafeteria. Besides providing high-quality cleaning which meets all relevant hygienic standards we also help replenish food during breakfast/lunch/dinner or packing up food for the next shift. Clearing away and washing used dishes is a matter of course.